Agudas Yisroel of Bayswater

Rebuilding Campaign

Destruction: Agudah's Amud and Aron Kodesh

Please help us rebuild our Makom Torah and Tefillah. Thank you.

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To Join Our 100 Shul Honor Roll please contact our fundraising committee at

The news for this week is that we have moved back into our now-temporary home, in our own building. We had a spirited Hachnasas Sefer Torah on Thursday night, Jan 9, and all of our minyanim and shiurim are now back in our own shul. The building is a little unfinished, but it’s home and that’s great.

In the next few days you will see the building painted, the remaining sinks installed, and the coatrooms rebuilt. Our new, custom built tables are on their way, and the second shipment of our beautiful, easy to clean chairs is due any day.

Be sure to see a major article in Hamodia this week, focusing on our shul and the rebuilding campaign.

The beautiful materials that we are creating for our campaign, “The Shul Built by 100 Shuls” are almost ready. Now is the time to contact anyone you can who can help us sign up shuls in this effort. We are asking each shul to conduct an appeal with a goal of at least $5000. We will supply pledge cards and all other materials needed to organize the appeal.

We are contacting all of our Mispallilim to ask for their pledges. Please be thinking about how you can help. If you are able to make your pledge when we call, that’s great. If you feel that you are not able to make a commitment right now, then let’s set up an appointment to talk about how we might be able to work it out. The amount is not as important as the participation of every single person who benefits from the shul!

You can always volunteer, suggest, brainstorm, or offer gentle criticism by writing to

Our Unique Role

The shul represents a unique Makom Torah and Tefillah. There is no talking during Tefillah and Kriah. There are many shiurim and learning programs throughout the week. And the shul has been the host of a Yeshiva and Kollel for the past five years.


As we focus on rebuilding our community and supporting those who had great personal losses, we are beginning to rebuild the shul.


To rebuild the shul in a manner that will provide much needed physical, mental, and spiritual support for our community.



Listen to Zev Brenner Interview Our Rav, Rabbi Feifer and Rabbi Kruger